Swimwear Bulk Manufacturing

Standard MOQ 200 Pieces, no minimun styles required

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Swimwear Wholesale

No Minimum Styles/Sizes/Fabrics/Colors

Minimum Order Quantity

We offer low to high volume manufacturing. Our minimums start from the 50 piece order, but considering an order less than 200 pieces will be subject to additional charges and improving to 500 pieces benefit from our volume discount.

Swim Line Costing

From your sample quotation stage, before initiating any process, a complete quotation for sampling and bulk can be provided belong your fabrics and quantity selections.

Quality Control

Once manufacturing has been cleared, we dedicate 2 days for quality control and packaging of your swimwear, this measure will avoid faulty or defect pieces in your bulk order.


We usually ship garment by DHL Express, but we are open to working with other similar reliable mail providers. The shipping cost is counted belong to the weight of your order and your shipping country.

Launch Your Own Swim Line

Sampling And Manufacturing Costing, Processes

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    Bulk Manufacturing

    No Minimum Styles

    200 Pcs MOQ

    No Minimum Styles


    Eco Friendly Options

    Size Grading

    XXS to XXL Sizes


    Ethical Labor

    How It Works?

    Bulk Manufacturing Process Breakdown

    • Settled Design

      From your patterns we made or you may already have, we're ready to proceed into production with your designs.
    • Bulk Order Quotation

      Receive a complete quote within 48 hours and send us your feedback to get the green light to start working on the process.
    • Manufacturing Lead Time

      For manufacturing lead time it depends on how many quantities your production. Please check our table below for better understand.
    • MOQ & Lead time

      Our standard MOQ is 200 pieces, please see our minimums, lead times and prices below.
    • Grading

      Decide your sizes breakdown, we provide from extra small to extra large sizes.
    • Shipping

      Bulk is delivered via DHL Express mailing or similar reliable provider (within 3-5 working days).

    Manufacturing Turnaround

    Standard MOQ 200 Pieces

    PRODUCTION50 TO 99100 TO 199200 TO 499500 TO 999+ 1500
    FEES / DISCOUNT+ 40%+ 20%-Free Sampling*Free Sampling* + 10% Off
    TURN AROUND3 weeks1/1.5 month2 months2-4 monthsOn request
    * From 500 pieces order, sampling cost (excluding shipping cost) will be deducted on the bulk order quotation
    * From 1500 pieces order, 10% discount is applied