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Active Qstom is a company that makes swimwear for people who sell swimwear and as a manufacturer, we should value your privacy, the designs who happen by us keeps confidentiality and can't be disclosed or reused by any of our client listings. This year marked the 10 year anniversary of our family business. Initially starting in the traditional markets around Java, we regarded the opportunity in our homeland extend our journey in Bali to grow.


Ita who founded Active Qstom, she began by trading out her own white label swimwear production. Pretty soon the blank clothing business started to prosper and this later evolved into a custom production bikini & a swimwear manufacturer in Indonesia and mostly Bali who was involving wholesale to many countries around the world. Like that, the family business was becoming a local bikini's supplier around Indonesia.


Therefore Active Custom has been growing internationally as the principal focus is now on the custom creation of bikini and swimsuits. We pride ourself to be the main conception of several famous successful oversea's brands in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

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